Thursday, July 01, 2010

Branded saloons

My last post was about branded clinics, this one is about branded saloons. With some difference. Back in the 80s, we had two options - the dhoop chaaon barber to the barber in a shop. If you were very well off like the Premier Padmini owner, you treated yourself to a haircut in a shop that an airconditioner  - regardless of whether they turned it on or an occassional haircut at the Taj.

Today, the local barber exists, but atleast in Bangalore there are a million other "branded saloons". They are jazzy inside and outside and airconditioned, but the usefulness ends there. My experience with a few of them have been abysmal to say the least. Some of them have uniformed barbers or some new Chinese equipment, but very few of them can do anything different from your local barber. And all of them uniformaly charge a bomb - thats a dud on your head!

There are so many these days that it makes me wonder how they survive. To run a saloon on reasonably prime property means that you need a decent clientele - number and quality. And the last time I checked property rates were quite high. So the possibility is that the owners offer lower rentals to show occupancy or promote such "brands" partly from their own pocket to "showcase" the property as occupied and then hand it over to the next lucrative occupant. Either of these could explain their high turnover - many of these branded saloons do not survive more than a few seasons - and the local barber (who by now has upgraded with an aircon and some gadgets himself) has the last laugh....


தக்குடுபாண்டி said...

whatever you tell, we won't get the satisfaction of your local barber cutting and style. Nice post.

Saravan said...

If someone is really into fashion, where they need to keep new style, then visit to high quality saloons makes sense. For rest of people, it doesn't matter. Only thing I look for is cleanliness. Other things I am ok with that. Even a bad hair cut can last only couple of weeks :)

Interesting WSJ column on hair cuts,