Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kerala, once there was

So, @nikhilnarayanan posted a link that makes for interesting reading. Guess which state is at the microscope of the NIA? With a lions share of  6 out of 14 cases investigated? The title was a giveaway, but clearly Kerala aint gonne be gods own country anymore soon. If it is not already, it will soon cease to be.

The once green state now takes on a slightly different hue. The state was once touted as a model for other states, indeed other countries to emulate. The 100% educated Keralites - who barely found jobs in their state farmed off to the Middle East - returned money to their state and developed it (mostly by building palatial houses and little else and I will stop at that). The state still lags in development - be it roads, electricity or even jobs. The good communists ensured that the state remained in the developmental backwaters - though the backwaters by themselves attracted tourists. And so the state prospered, one way or other.

But then truly TANSTAAFL, and hence some of those who sent money back to their hometowns also came back with a religious zeal and sought to inculcate some of it in their fellow "statesmen" resulting in the sorry state of this state.

A few months ago, some Keralites were killed in Kashmir, trying to cross the border (Financial newspapers give amazing twists to ironical news). Frederick Forsyth correctly identified Kerala in one of his novels - The Afghan. So, the writing was always on the wall. Did anybody read it? Or is anybody taking a close look at it?

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