Sunday, July 18, 2010

Micromax, Apple, Nokia

Micromax is to Nokia at the lower end what Apple is to Nokia at the higher end. Alright, thats a bit of a stretch, but this company is fast emerging as a threat to Nokias dominance of Indias telecom market. Forbes has a nice profile of them.

The key, apparently is their dual sim phones - which lets one have two active connections at the same time. And Nokia does not have a single phone in their stable which lets people have two connections at the same time. One could wonder why the hell would anybody need two connections at the same time - but I guess a country which barely had phones now has a demand of a few connections per person - whatever!

As they rightly say, competing with Nokia or the others on price would not get them anywhere - and this is a classic strategy lesson - they had to create a new category. And they have. Whoever thought that anybody could give Nokia a run for their money with phones cheaper than theirs, with more features.

And, btw, I picked up my first Micromax out of sheer curiosity for about the same cost as a dinner  actually slightly lower - at a mid scale restaurant - will blog more about it in the coming days.

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