Saturday, July 10, 2010

Money is the only ideology

Pick any movement, any ideology, anybody shilling for anything - it comes at a price. Yes, yes, go on - take any movement - the top leaders of any movement are only into making money. Below the paid leadership, there are the useful idiots.

And so it happens in Kashmir. The intercepted telephonic chat (quick Terror Right wallahs, clearly such invasion of privacy by intercepting telephone messages is a disrespect to the respected leaders of the movement) between two paid lackeys is some very useful reading for all those who can think of spontaneous stone pelting.

Now, can we figure out who is making the payment enough to create an entire stone pelting industry? Entry level stone pelting jobs seem to be available for about 500 bucks. (see report). Perform well and then who knows you can get a career path upwards. (Heres a transcript at Kanchan Guptas blog). Very soon we will see the story of someone who progressed from a stone pelter to the owner of a stone mansion.

Follow the money trail - soon enough you will see where the bucks are coming from - they wont be coming from very far.

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