Friday, July 16, 2010

Of Wishes, Horses and Beggars

A nice piece on the changing geopolitics in the Afghan region in Foreign Policy magazine - must read. (via Rajeev Srinivasan)

The author makes a beautiful case of the changing geopolitics in the region and how that could end up tying Pkstn into knots, not because of anybody else, but because of its own overreach. Dont know if things will pan out as the author postulates - I sure hope it does. Should be a fun movie to watch while it happens - but as it happens, there will be desperate attempts to take everybody down alongwith it. For now it is wishful thinking as we prepare for the Af-packing up and its imminent side effects in India.

And yes, as I have often postulated the moment China enters the picture - all gloves and bets are off. The European and American world have been handling Pkstn with kid gloves - China wont. Remarkably brazen and brutally direct, China wont care about who they are holding by those round things that often swing in a cricket match. Throw in a huge army, military might and the balls to use it - China is a country that nobody can trifle with.

And India being India, we will be a beggar on the sidelines getting hurt every now and then while the players slug it out.

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