Sunday, July 18, 2010

Take the bus

A new public transport campaign launched in Bangalore, exhorts Bangaloreans to take the bus. See this link for picture (The Hindu). Effectively, it says, 1 bus is equal to 40 cars.

Overall this is a nice campaign and it will perhaps even get some converts from cars to buses. But, unless you have some streak of eco-friendliness in you, it wont register.

So, for those of you who have that eco-friendliness in you, do try the bus once in a while - perhaps on weekends, or while visiting crowded areas or if you have a service near your workplace. And hopefully the government will build those cycling tracks as it says in that article - (see link above) - because without cycle tracks, it is a little tough to take the cycle out on Bangalore roads. And, hopefully, pedestrian walkways as well so that one can enjoy Bangalores glorious weather!

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Swapz said...

I do use the bus often, but I have a fundamental problem with the system: There is a monopoly on buses. This does not occur to many who have lived their life in India, and have never seen otherwise. The common argument is `when govt. invests crores of rupees in bus infrastructure, they should be able to gain advantage', but it just doesn't work that way. Everyone invests crores of rupees for many large scale businesses.

Getting other players into the market is too big an idea when the govt actively takes measures to shoo away any passing vehicle which wants to pick up passengers. I understand that it is a way for drivers to illegally use company cars / vans / sumos to ferry passengers, but hey! It reduces the load on the road, right? Passengers who can get such vehicles often at peak times won't think of taking out their car or bike, or purchasing one if they don't have one yet.

So basically no one is interested in the "greater good" of the people. No one is interested in reducing load on street. They are interested in increasing revenue of bus transport.

I take the bus often, but remember to never use it on Bus Day, because its too crowded.