Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tomato Sauce 1 Rupee

Which marketing wizard would come up with this brilliant idea?

For a pizza that costs you about 250 bucks - you cannot throw in a ketchup sachet free. Please pay me a rupee for that. How pathetic can you get Dominoes? I rarely eat pizza - I believe it is a health hazard - but this is the pits. Maybe you should charge the tissue, the loo and, and for washing the plate too, eh?


Jagannath Moorthy said...

I've generally felt that the pizzas in India are a real rip-off and don't provide good value at all. You pay an average of 250-300 rupees per head and don't feel full at the end of it.

ggop said...

Wait a minute, who opts for tomato ketchup on a pizza? What kind of a pizza is this?! Aren't dry red chillies and Parmesan cheese the condiments supplied?

Dark Covenant said...

Heheh. Dominoes is extremely stingy when it comes to this. I like eating pizza but most of the times it is those dumb people over the phone who test my patience and make me lose all interest in it.