Sunday, September 26, 2010

The boondocks of Krishnarajapuram

I had written about the great railway station of Krishnarajapuram sometime back. And yesterday I got a chance to revisit this great railway station once again in all its glory. My hunch is that currently there is some secret project in Krishnarajapuram to reduce the operating cost of the railways. If this is true, then the railways have hit on a splendid model to have a low operating cost. If that is not the case, a certain Kalmuddy must have used KR Puram as a trial balloon.

The entire station is powered by "Human Intuition Guidance System". This system requires no electricity and incredibly people were able to find their allotted seats in the trains at 10 pm in the night like they were guided missiles (or literate owls) but without the jhingbang hi-tech lasers. With this system in place, there is no need for any announcement (and obviously, there were none) and people just had to ask passengers in the train as to which train it was. There is exactly one toilet in the station which is hard to find or locked or dirty - I did not explore all the options, but clearly the system ensures that people never have an urge to pee as well - Smart. The ticket counters were shut - as were announcements - again, there was no need since the system takes care of everything. Indeed the single shop open at the station seemed to be the only surviving relic of ancient railway history. The digital displays that display train numbers and coach positions in other old railways stations seemed to exist, but they were not working. Like I said, they do not need to work - since we have the "Advanced Verbal Communication System with Fellow Lost Passenger" in place. Everybody was right in position of their coach to the accuracy of a micron. In one instance, the lights came on about 30 seconds before the train arrived and shut down about 10 seconds after the train arrived with people switching to the "Advanced Visual Display Mode with Cellphone Display Light Enable Option".

Truly an amazing railway station right in the heart of Bangalore!!

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Eshwar said...

Good one. I've enjoyed the KR Puram station on numerous occasions. You should see the way Chennai tickets are procured at dawn. And the auto scam outside the station is a model worth emulating.