Wednesday, October 06, 2010

A case of exploding bonhomie

The guy who wrote A case of Exploding Mangoes, Mohammed Hanif recently exploded the myth that the peepul of our westerly neighbour are like us. And that too at a literary fest. No the chap is not being rude. He is right on the button.

So much for people to people contact. Even the writers on the side of the friendly neighbours are not friendly. Hows that? Till now we thought that all except those who cross the border on rubber dinghies are our friends, did we not?

Thanks Mohd Hanif for exploding this myth like your rather enjoyable novel, a case of exploding mangoes - I hope our jholawallahs, candle wasters, peace award hopeful leaders, newspaper owners with an eye on the neighbourly market and TV channel owners with an eye on rating and adverts learn it and internalize it.


driver said...

Personally as UP wallah I dont see urdu speaking karachiwalas not that different from me.
We eat similar food, dress similarly and have some culture in common too.

Now it may be different for you are from south india.

ecophilo said...

Read my post Driver, it is NOT what I think, it is what someone else thinks - Mr. Mohd Hanif to be precise

driver said...

The tone of your post says that you agree with him.

It is not necessary for me to agree with pakistanis on everything but we have many things in common.

Perhaps you could read this interview of another pakistani author - mohsin hamid

ecophilo said...

Fair enough. If only those things would help get us peace - they dont. So, obviously, the differences override the common factors?