Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oily oily politics

The Son of the oil is an amazing personality. And his son is an honourable man too. A few years back, he gave us an example of how governments either run by him or supported by him can give us great governance. They took extreme care of the city and Bangalore was on the verge of being Singapore. Did I say Singapore - I meant Singapore of the 1940s or earlier - one could have shot a period movie effortlessly. He kept his promises with his partners - and promptly pulled the carpet from under them. And then the electorate, stupid as always, voted him out. Other than that one small stupidity, he has been in power always.

Every now and then, he has professed his love for rural Karnataka - all the while living in the big bad city whose residents he so dearly hates. He really does, see this.

And now, he comes out the woodwork hoping that the BJP government will collapse under the weight of money and the people will vote for him. Well, Bangalore will never vote for their party - anyway not much of it exists today. Even if the BJP does collapse (well, every political party is entitled to its survival instincts), the JDS wont benefit.

And then again, does anybody think that corruption originated with this government? Let us not kid ourselves to think that everybody other than the BJP are bathed in milk. Actually they could very well be, given their assets. And what was that saying about glass houses and stones?

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