Thursday, October 07, 2010

Outsourcing security

Rajesh jain nails it in his post on security.What started off as a comment there is a post here.

The Indian government cannot build enough power stations to power the entire country 24/7. Forget the country, they cannot even power the main cities 24/7. So, we all invest in generators that will provide us back up while the power plants undergo what is known as load shedding. I am sure in the developed world or wannabe superpower world, there is no load to be shedded. We are the powerless superpower.

In the same way, the government has outsourced security to offices, malls, hotels so that they take care of themselves. Because our government, intelligence networks typically never can avert a terror strike (even if they did, there are far too many human rights wallahs to make the officers lives miserable), they have  outsourced security to us. So, that if the terrorist enters via our porous borders, manages to put together a bom, the onus is on the malls and the hotels to prevent it.

We are underpoliced, our police are badly trained, handle outdated equipment (we saw it all during 26/11, did we not, the chilling footage at the CST) and the government is not very keen to pursuse modernization or police reforms. Thus it is that we need to secure ourselves, because the government cannot do it for us.

Take any example, you will find pretty much the same answer.

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