Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Conspiracy it is

The recent media scam named #Barkhagate on twitter and trending for nearly a week now is a conspiracy for sure. Allow me to explain.

Who in the world would benefit by the leak of the tapes? Think about it. The only person who can benefit out of this is Narendra Modi - the famous journalists and Tv channels sworn enemy. According to this blog, Narendra Modi had tested Radia in his Vibrant Gujarat summit and she had possibly played a role in getting the Nano plant set up at Gujarat.

Awesome aint it? Narendra Modi is the one glue thats holds all conspiracies together.

Now think of it. Perhaps, Mr. Modi wanted to get back at the ethical journalists consortium of India who were working with the ethical newspapers, television association of India for ethically exposing his unethical minister who was arrested by the ethical CBI for completely non political purposes? Therefore, he used the lobbyist (who is a Gujarati, no less - those evil people) to get her to trap these ethical journalists into reading out long emails which was already sent to them by her. And then, in one fell swoop, as these tapes leaked by themselves (like those pesky water pipes), the credibility of the entire Indian media has gone for a toss as has the credibility of the Congress party and many others. All names are in the list except Mr. Modi. Therefore, it has to be him or those Gujjus.

I tell you, all of this is a conspiracy. But then why would the CBI and the home ministry tap these phone calls. When the details surface, you will find that nobody had ordered her phones to be tapped -it was engineered by someone who was paid, by you know who.

But jokes apart, most media has tried its best to blackout this news. The same media which has no qualms airing doctored "sting" operations or airing bedroom romps shot surreptitiously cannot air these tapes as Breaking news or even on the 3 am news. Think of it. So much for probity, the triumph of truth and what not. I leave it for you, the intelligent reader to guess if our media is truly independent or interdependent.

Anyway the entire media links of this can be found here...

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Kavi said...

The fourh estate and real estate are as murky these days !