Thursday, November 04, 2010


I have spotted quite a few e-scooters on Bangalore roads over the past few months. I have also not seen them on dense traffic roads, but on bylanes where people seem to be using it for running errands. The customers, by the look of it, are people who would have ordinarily gone in for mopeds, but probably wanted something cheaper and cooler.

I am a little surprised, because I did think that electric scooters may not pick up steam all that soon because the impact it has on the pockets of people is quite less.I mean, a moped can run for almost 100 km with a liter of petrol - how much lower can it get? It looks like I am pleasantly wrong!

And while access to electricity in Bangalore is not too bad, it is not great either. So, the convenience aspect is questionable too. But perhaps for those whose movement is a few kms around the house with long periods of rest, perhaps it works.


Kavi said...

Whatever is that..!?! Thats some looking up to do..!

unismartin said...

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