Friday, November 05, 2010

Here comes electric

The electric car is closer than we think it is!

GM - the much derided "Government" Motors in the US plans to bring an electric car to India. More power to them I say. And perhaps 2011/2012 could very well be an inflexion point in Indian and world automobile industry from this perspective. Today the companies are pulling out all the stops to sell their oil burners to Indians - because once the reliability of an electric engine is proved, oil burners will take a backseat very soon. This is a real cost conscious market. The more oil burners that can be sold in the next 1-2 years, the greater number of buyers that can be locked in for the next 2-5 years and that in turn can delay the potential inflexion point. Once there is a good market for electric cars, the overall cost of petrol could go down (and considering that oil prices are largely controlled by not so virtuous cartel) making it that much difficult for electric cars to make a dent - take my word for it.

But, fortunately, this time around, e-cars does seem like a big mass movement and technology advances are getting better by the day. The Nissan Leaf and GM Volt are closer to the market - they are there. And even in India, theres the Reva now powered by the Mahindras waiting in the wings to launch their next gen vehicle. There is the Nano with its super duper light platform waiting for its electric avatar - and one can be sure that the Tatas are working on it. And there are the likes of GM who could bring their own based on the experience from the Volt. Who will be first off the starting block here?

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Ananth Majumdar said...

I too share the same excitement about these electric cars. Hopefully, there will be good models to choose from when I buy a car after two or three years.