Tuesday, November 02, 2010

How to tackle Malaria

There are a few options on how to tackle malaria - neutralize every single of the mosquitoes that can potentially carry the parasite so that they don't carry the parasite, but thats a stupid idea. Or neutralize the parasite itself. Or vaccinate (btw, Malaria does not have a vaccine) everybody who can possibly be affected by it. Perhaps the best solution is to go the swamps where the mosquitoes breed and clear them out.

Which one would you use to tackle malaria?

And if it is terrorism, how about cleaning the swamps?


ggop said...

Get rid of stagnant water. So swamps would be my choice among the options you presented.

Aadisht Khanna said...


I don't think the analogy is a good one. Neutralising the mosquitoes is being explored with quite some seriousness - there is an idea of making anopheles birth rates drop rapidly by releasing sterile or dummy mosquitoes into the wild.

Also, cleaning the swamps has worked only up to a point - it's an 80/20 situation. You will wipe out most malaria, but you will still have pockets of anopheles colonies remaining in urban areas.

Plus, malaria is a comparatively simple process - bacterium-mosquito-human. With terrorism, you have ideologue-financier-organiser-footsoldier-victim, where each of these roles is easily taken up.

It is not a happy twenty years ahead...

ecophilo said...

very difficult to disagree with you Aadisht :) You are right, but the swamps are the ones where they all get together :) The potential financiers, organizers, influencers, couriers and what not are all there at one point - the point of indoctrination.80/20 is still better than 0/100 :)