Saturday, November 20, 2010

Shoulder Ache

My eyes open. It is early morning and it is a Sunday. I stretch and wake up, not reluctantly - since I am a morning person. Suddenly, I sense a pain in my shoulder. And the analysis begins. Physically, did I do anything wrong? Lifted something? Slept in an awkward position? Nothing seems to come to mind. Psychologically, I wonder, did I do something wrong? Am I stressed? (One of the theories states that many physical ailments like sprains are manifestations of stress.) Again, I cannot think of a reason. I just dont get why I should have this shoulder ache.

As I sit there wondering what caused the shoulder ache, in comes the little one, "Appa, my shoulder is paining."

And then the mystery resolves itself. The previous night, the two of us were up playing some lusty shots on our new Wii with the result, the next morning, we are here, on the sofa, clutching our right shoulders.

1 comment:

Raam Pyari said...

ahahhaha...yes wii is good execrcise!!