Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Express Lane

Spotted a sign for the Express Lane ( a counter for customers with items less than 10 numbers) in a mall - that is frequented by PLUs - not really triple PhDs, but not those unwashed ignorant masses who crowd into reserved bogies on railways. But it was not operational, even at peak hour. And it might have crossed your mind that despite having a million malls, very few malls in India (I havent seen one across 4 cities) have an express counter.

You know why. It just wont work in India.

* First people will feign ignorance of the sign.
* Having feigned ignorance, they will say, since I walked up here, service me anyway.
* They will read the sign and disregard it anyway
* They will read the sign and argue with the biller
* They will read the sign and argue with the biller that they have just 22 items - which, really is a just around the corner from 10, is it not?
* They will shout and demand better service
* They will remind you whose father or son or mother or sister they are

And then it no longer makes sense to shop for small items at the mall if you have to be behind 32 people who have all shopped for 459 items while all you wanted is a packet of cheese.Yes, we are just that. Privately smart and publicty dumb - stupid or worse.

Can it be made to work. Yes. If there is a security guard who counts the items and directs the customers authoritatively to the other counters, it will. But otherwise, you can bet your ass that even triple PhDs wont follow the rules.

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indicaspecies said...

Guess you are right..may not work.
lol@ triple PhDs.