Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010, a requiem

The year 2010 has been a momentous year has it not? Let us take a look back at the year and thank a few of those who made it memorable.

First up, Gopikrishna (Pioneer - the man who felled a King) and Manu Joseph (Open Magazine) for breaking the spectrum scam and Radia tapes - they are intimately connected to each other. Gopikrishna, incidentally should receive a thanks from the year 2008 onwards since the spectrum scam was reported by him that long ago. 2010 will be remembered thanks to these guys as the year that the media came to known like it was always suspected the proverbial emperors new clothes came off thanks to these two gentlemen.

While on the tapes, a great thanks to Twitter for doing what most Indian media could never do - pressurize media into reporting about themselves - and acting as a watchdog for the media in general. Twitter will continue to be happening for a while now - much to the chagrin of traditional media.

A mention of Radia tapes without a thanks to Radia herself would be blasphemy. Thank you Nira Radia for all the hard work you put in while lobbying for your clients. Clearly, you were doing your job better than our government. I wish you were granted special entry into our cabinet of ministers. That itself would make it about 100% more efficient. Your tapes have showed how the government actually works and it ain't pleasant. Thanks for bring it out in the open.

While on women, thanks to Saina Nehwal for keeping the Indian flag aloft in the badminton sphere. Alongwith the womens relay team that got us medals in both Asiad and CWG.

A mention of CWG cannot happen without the mention of the ubiquitous Suresh Kalmadi. A big thanks to Suresh Kalmadi for pushing up the market price of rented treadmills, sports equipment and what not - if CWG shares were listed, investors would have got a few crumbs from the estimated 1575% appreciation. Also, a big thanks for creating world records in spending money for construction. Who said there is no money in sports? Those who say that are probably out there playing.

And there's another record in a sport that is not recognized - not legally atleast. It is surely a local record though world records may be challenged too. The government that currently rules us has been dubbed the "most corrupt government yet to rule India". Thank you government for squandering the aam tax payers hard earned money.Given that there is another couple of years of glorious misrule left, this record might leave Sachin Tendulkar gasping.

Speaking of the great man himself, thanks to Sachin Tendulkar for being the Duracell battery of Indian sports - a double hundred in one dayers and fifty centuries in test cricket. The man does not have a mid life crisis for sure!

Another person who does not seem to have a mid life crisis or does - depending on who you ask is our future prime minister Rahul G. We have to thank him for all the poverty tours he made, for the questions he dodged, jumped, evaded - surely he would do well as a sports person, if not prime minister. For many questions however, his mouth was zipped.

And speaking of zips - wikileaks opened quite a few by releasing some secrets. Many of these were already "open secrets" but the one that intrigued us most was the one on Rahul G - who bared his mind to an American Diplomat over lunch where he almost got the nation listed as a terrorist state. He has, however, not bared his mind to the nation which he could rule. For that one thing, thank you Julius Assange.

Thank you Lalit Modi - not for anything else but for proving to the media that the surname is the root cause of all ills in India. Thanks to Nitish Kumar for winning an election on a good governance plank and keeping Bihar scam free while the nation is neck deep in scams of all kinds.

Thanks to Rajani Saar for Robot and Munni and Sheila for keeping us entertained through this rather busy year.

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