Saturday, December 11, 2010

On Complexity

There are always arguments on how or why a process cannot be made simple. Ask anybody who handles a complex process if it can be simplified and the answer (almost) always is an incredulous no. And if it is left to them, it will always be like that. But get a fresh pair of eyes, unconnected to the field, not bound by the "what should be" and you will come up with better answers.

Who would deny that photography was complex - it still remains for that 1% of photographers who are deep into that art. But that does not mean, it should be out of reach for the rest. And that's exactly what happened with the Digital camera boom.

At a wedding recently, I was amused that amidst the phalanx of photographers were two 5 year olds. The professionals had arrived with the flash bulbs (and repeaters) and camera and equipment. And it was all digital - I barely spotted one analog camera in there. But the kids were there, right upfront with their digital cameras (of their parents presumably) competing with the pros and some adults with mobile phones in getting a good shot. That's what digital has done to photography - made it accessible for 99% and more and thus increased the size of the market for all concerned.

Whats keeping your process complex? Why cant it be simplified? Why cant it be more accessible? Ask this question at your day jobs and you will get interesting answers.

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