Sunday, December 26, 2010


Mr. Rahul G - you are our future Prime Minister - one way or other. Either you will rule directly or you will rule through a regent like Mr. Manmohan Singh. Somehow, spineless regents- like spineless reporters- are never in short supply are they? Especially after one Mr. PV Narasimha Rao (you really do not remember him do you?) grew too big for his boots. But talking about him and other regents would be missing the point altogether. But as future prime minister, your present timeline looks rather uninspiring.

Mr. Rahul G - you seem to have the record of using the same speech for the maximum number of times - atleast as this blog notes. Even actors (who are given their lines) have a new line each time - the least you could do is to have a few speeches which you use by rotation. That there are no two Indias is nobodys guess - all of the country is equally badly governed. In case you forget, your party has ruled it for the maximum part since we won independence way back in 1947. Perhaps taking blame for the creation of a substandard India might be a good beginning?

Mr. Rahul G, you have a penchant from walking away from uncomfortable questions dont you? Atleast on two ocassions and with relatively lightweight opponents (one was a student  and one was a rookie reporter - since no names were given) you have chosen to run away than stand by your comments.

Mr. Rahul G, you also spoke to the US ambassador about a rather existential threat to the world from the Hindu radicals (or militants or equivalent) did you not? Heres a priceless piece in a phoren publication on the same. Taken at face value, it means something very simple - we harbour terror groups. And that in turn means, that we really should declare ourselves a terrorist state - without waiting for Uncle Same confirmation eh? And why are we exchanging those dossiers with the western neighbour. Your own party general secretary attended a function where a book was released on how Indias worst terror attack was an RSS creation. Do you also believe that the Parliament attack was an insider job too? (And by the way someone quite famous who I wont link, but who is given to protecting tribals rights after usurping a bit of their land has written a reader on it too.)

You bared your mind to a diplomat of a foreign nation - can your bare your mind to us? Would you let us know what exactly you think - beyond what your mentor(s) teach you to parrot? It would really help us to know what our future prime minister thinks! Thanks!

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