Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Cost for school to run a Secret Santa program: Zero
Cost of parents to search for Secret Santa program: A few headaches
Actual cost of gift: 25 bucks

As part of this event, the little fella comes home with a cheap Chinese made wooden butterfly that needs to be assembled. The instructions on the pack are the best I have ever seen "Get an general idea of the parts and assemble" it says in a Zen like statement. Using our knowledge of Entomology, which is about as vast as a pinhead on a needle, we manage to assemble it in a way that it resembles a dinosaurial ancestor of a butterfly.

Time taken to assemble said wooden butterfly: 20 minutes
Time taken for smile to become frown because said wooden butterfly a) does not stand on its own b) keeps falling apart: 0.00000000054 seconds
Time taken for parent to pacify little fella with a "brilliant" alternate solution: 2 seconds
Time taken for frown to settle down: 1 second
Time taken for frown to return - to implement said alternate solution: 0.0000023 seconds
Time taken for parent to really implement alternate solution: 1 week

Each time the little fellas eyes went onto the dissembled butterfly, his eyes would well up with tears as to how we were not able to assemble his gift. Finally, in a moment of brilliance, we figure out a way that the alternate solution can be implemented.

Cost of Feviquick glue: 10 bucks
Time taken for assembling said butterfly again: 20 minutes (after various permutations and combinations)
Time taken for glue to stick: Instant
Time taken for the glue on the fingers to be removed: Still to be established

Joy of seeing smile on the little fellas face on seeing the assembled butterfly: Priceless!!


vgr said...

Wonderful post. I enjoyed reading it.

purple pitara said...

just finished running a secret santa program @ MP and would definitely like to challenge statement #1 of this blog!!!

PS cant wait to see the butterfly