Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thank You Nira Radia

Till yesterday (or whenever the Radia tapes came out) the general public really believed a few truths you helped get out in the open.

That the leader of the "most corrupt government ever" could be an honest man. Perhaps personally he is, but in not preventing the corrupt from becoming ministers or looting from under his leadership, he is ineffective as a leader. In the private sector, I am responsible for anything my reportees do - I am accountable for everything they do. So too is MMS and his Supreme Leader. Then the question arises as to why is corruption acceptable to the Supreme Leader. The simple answer usually is, because there is some benefit in that to them. Unless your tap(e)s came out, the media made us believe that poor Mr. MMS was trying his best. Now we know he was not.

That, our journos are truly neutral. There were those who believed otherwise but were given the title of "Right wing loonies". Unless your tap(e)s came out, they supposedly passionately argued on every side of the issue. Their columns and programmes were the result of immense research into the Indian psyche and everything they did was purely selfless - like those spiritually enlightened folks, you know. Now we know that they lobby rather fearlessly so that the cause of good is maintained and the truly evil are kept out of power. And even amongst the good, they fight and lobby so that the creme de la creme of the good comes to power. And in fighting for their causes, they write so as to sway public opinion. And of course, they are not neutral. Thank for an attempt to neuter them.

That there were corrupt business houses and non corrupt business houses. Perhaps there are, perhaps there arent. I admire Reliance as much as I admire Tatas, but in playing the game of business you have to wrestle with the pigs and get mud on yourself in that process. And almost all of it is due to our arbitrary licentious Raj.

Thanks to your tapes we know that there are magazines and newspapers like Open, Pioneer and Outlook we know that there are atleast some sections of the Indian media who are still fiercely independent.

And for those who came in late, the new installment of the Radia tapes are here via Saikat Datta

Thank you Nira Radia for all your hard work. Clearly you were working hard for those who had paid for your services - I wish our government worked as hard as you did. True, you were working for Reliance and Tata (both the business I admire for various reasons - but more on that later), but in reality you were working for the people. The same mango people who the Congress claimed to work for and the same mango people for whom Rahul baba claims to work as a soldier (or did he say solder?).

All the nights and days you spent lobbying (you were doing your job and doing it rather well) over telephone has helped us like Wikeleaks. Wikileaks did a great job of bringing "open secrets" in the open.

Your tap(e)s did it for India. So kudos to that.


Nahoy of Mayattok said...

If radia was operating on behalf of mukesh and ratan , why did she lobby for a minister who helped anil and his company the most ?

Siddharth said...

An astonishingly large number of us are suffering from what was once thought a rare disorder – one of selective amnesia. Read this interesting post on the 800 new Nira Radia tape expose

Balasubramanya said...

I can feel the pain in your article and empathise with you totally. Having worked in PR i can safely say that the era of the N.Ram's is over.. Do we now say HEY RAM!!!!. Today journalism is about paying the right price, the invite to the right parties with the right gift and of course being handed over the typed copy of the article (in ready to print word format).
I was surpeised to see a TV anchor wonder why BAIJAL was being raided, And why not as he is the epitome of the govt functioning, where in you create a problem and hten get hired as a consultant to solve the same problem. WOW. It is the in genuity of the Niira's of the wqorld who create and then help solve thus making a killing in the bargain.