Friday, January 14, 2011

Go to Antartica

On a recent visit to Kerala - we were stuck in a longish traffic jam at Kadavanthara junction - which really has to be among the top ten destinations to visit in India as far as a traffic jam is concerned. 

While waiting there with, quite obviously, nothing else to do, we chanced upon this ad. I did not know for the life of me that Antartica was a tourist destination, but clearly I am missing something. Perhaps hordes of Malayalis have already descended there and declared an agitation of some sort - perhaps against tourism. 

Whoever hit upon this spot to place a nice tourist destination ad is a genius. Imagine being stuck there in a vehicle at some 3 pm in the afternoon and you see this nice enticing billboard that advertises a really cool (literally) destination. And in that moment, if you are stuck in the same kind of traffic jam we were stuck in, the temptation to call and make a booking to Antartica then and there is very high. 

I would like to how many Malayalis descended on Antartica in this fashion!

1 comment:

Pravish said...

quite a find... i'm a keralite... i'm sure there is a nair tea shop in antartica by now :)