Thursday, January 13, 2011

Riding an evil tiger

Every recent comment on Pakistan never forgets to include that it was the Senior Bhutto who first got into bed with the Islamists. Which resulted in him appointing Zia Ul Haq as his military head - for which he was duly repaid by the latter. Zia continued the path of encouraging Islamists and Islamism - as did successive governments" and the result today is there for all to see. A "pious" man who was the bodyguard of a "liberal" gunned him down - for no great offense except that he attempted to save the life of a "blasphemer". That was enough for the "pious" man to take his life. Those who claim to be shocked by this should realise by now that this was the writing on the wall all along.

As the Pakistani society is discovering, riding a tiger has its pitfalls. As the character of Bhaloo says in Jungle Book while holding a tiger by its tail - how can I let go - it has teeth at the other end. Riding a tiger or holding its tail is a nice ride until its teeth bite - and bite it will. Nobody who has ridden a tiger has got off safe and sound - either the tiger has to die or the rider. There are no two ways about it. And if the tiger in question is a nuclear teethed tiger, you can safely assume that it not go down quietly.

Today Pakistan civil society (if something like that exists) is hiding from a tiger - the same tiger that they encouraged either by denial or fear or plain ignorance or even a dash of arrogance - "it will bite others, but won't bite me". And the same tiger is out to get them.

The same applies to the US - it rode the Islamic tiger from Arabia to Afghanistan to Pakistan so that it could defeat the Soviets. "Defeat" it did, but today the same tiger is out to get the US and its interests. It has done considerable damage to the US already - something that the Soviets could never do. And the US is attempting to de-fang the tiger smoothly. Which is a historical impossibility. No evil has ever gone down silently.

What the US is learning China refuses to learn. China is in bed with various evils - North Korea, Pakistan and if it doesnt actively encourage them - it surely does not discourage them. Very soon, the tigers will come home to roost - even for China.


Extra-Ordinarily Ordinary said...

Don't you think India is actually having two such tigers, one in either hand - the first one being pseudosecularism and the other being vote back/denial of truth politics?

The Native Opinion said...

With all due respect, even for the USA, the evil tiger came home to roost in the last decade itself; if we take 9/11 to be the starting point, though their were others like the Cole and Embassy bombings.
In return USA delivered a heavy blow to its arch rival; one which contributed to USSR's downfall. There will always be "was it worth it" kind of arguments when the bills have to be paid, however the historical benefits even if to a previous generation have to be calculated before blaming the 'tiger'.

China is using its tigers to keep the two regions which will determine the return of its empire vis 'Indian subcontinent and ASEAN region' under a tight leash. These tigers may be costly, but the price will have to be paid after its interests in these regions are taken care off.

If so, the real question should be, what tigers can India ride.