Sunday, February 13, 2011

Egypt in my backyard

Egypt is a country somewhere between Middle East and Africa and till recently known for Pyramids, heiroglyphics and baklava and as a "tourist destination" beyond the usual Singapore and Far East. For most Indians, the knowledge of Egypt started and ended there, notwithstanding the fact they would have seen the movie "Mummy".

Last week a revolution in Egypt consumed a fair amount of face time on Twitter. What was the fuss about, I dont know, but everybody had their 25 cents to add on Egypt. Which is fine, because on an instant medium like Twitter, you make your opinion on developing issues as you go along. The revolution ended with their dictator taking away large sums of money as his retirement fund and settling down at a resort somewhere.

But it is funny how our politicians are now talking about Egypt. Everybody wants an Egypt here. I dont get it why? First, we wanted our Obama, now we wanted our Egypt. For gods sake, decide what you want. Obama or Egypt.

Now theres a Mulayam Singh Yadav who wants an Egypt style revolution in UP to his benefit. Theres is the parasitic PDP which wants an Egypt style revolution in Kashmir to which Omar Abdullah asked the worthies of PDP if they want Army to take over - for which they obviously had no answer. Congress wants an Egypt in Karnataka and the BJP wants an Egypt in India. Sigh.

And this when most of India cannot place Egypt on a map or have any clue of a difference between Mubarak and Musharraf. And out of that for how many would Egypt have mattered is anybodys guess.

And how many realized that it all ended in the military taking over?

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