Monday, March 14, 2011

A tree

Spotted at Kannur (or Cannanore), a tree in memory of some of our Kargil martyrs. I spotted a circle at Trichy too in memory of a local martyr there. While our politicians get countless stadiums, bridges and what not named after them, our martyrs get a few isolated things named after them.

And I still dont know if Kargil is counted in official records as a war or as a peacetime negotiation that happened to involve guns.

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madhurima said...

Kargil is counted as a war. This is why Param Vir Chakras, Vir chakras etc were awarded to soldiers (mostly posthumously) who fought there. Peace time gallantry awards include the Ashok Chakra and was awarded (also posthumously) to soldiers killed in the attack on the Indian Parliament.