Thursday, May 05, 2011

The next few years are dangerous for India

Osama Bin Laden is all over the place. And like many had predicted, he was living bang in the middle of Pakistan - and look at the cheek of this - a kilometre or so away from their Military Academy or some such. Amazing country you would think - that they did not know that the worlds most wanted terrorist was living bang in the middle of their country - and a stray bullet from their military academy could actually have got him without him knowing it.

Somehow, this reminds me of a Panchatantra story of two travellers - one of whom is a thief. Each of three nights they cross a forest to reach their destination, the thief rifles through the others luggage and fails to find any booty. And as their travel ends, he confesses to the other, "I am a thief".
"I knew that" says the other
"I knew you were carrying something precious, but what stumps me is that I was unable to find it in your luggage each night. Tell me where did you hide it?"
"Simple, in your luggage, each night."

No, it is not a direct analogy, but there is some vague resemblance.

But what I like about the OBL story is that the message is clear. The US will get anybody who harms them - one day or other, one way or other. Whether they are led by left leaning Obama or right leaning Bush. Unlike in India - where whether we are led by so called right leaners or confirmed left leaners - our spine refuses to grow.

We have not managed to harm a hair on that fellow Dawood Ibrahim who lives a life of luxury in Pakistan - the whole world and their brothers in law know that he lives in Karachi. And the other great man Mullah Omar who we fed biryani and released and in return he has killed so many more. Would that be a great return on investment? I guess so. And of course, Hafiz Saeed and co who organized the 26/11 massacre, something that is becoming a hot potato to mention.

But why worry about fugitives in a foreign country when our own country is rampant with them, both in prison and out of them -  I need not give you names.

Just thinking, if OBL was in India (and that would have been one smart move by Pakistan) somehow and he was killed this way, the officers would have been tried and arrested for a fake encounter.

Anyway, whatever it is, the world just got unsafe for India in general - since the messages to fugitives holed up in Pakistan is very clear. Attack US and we cannot protect you. Attack India and nobody can harm you.

B Raman, sums it up very well...

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