Sunday, May 15, 2011

Petrol prices go up once again

Petrol prices go up once again - its now 70 bucks. This is great news - thought in the short run it is a fair amount of pain. But look at the brighter side, diesel prices are still there - where they were a few months back - because the government does not want to hurt the common man - by causing a hike in transportation (public, goods) and precipitating yet another hike in inflation. But then, unfortunately the aam aadmi will get hurt either way. Hike petrol prices and those two wheelers which are used by the common man and many small businesses will be hit. And the non hike of diesel prices goes on to cross subside the khaas aadmi - actually the smart guys who bought a diesel vehicle instead of buying a petrol vehicle.

Anyway, all this a side story, really. The real story is that oil prices are going up and hopefully going up in flames. The sooner the oil prices go up, the better it is for alternative technology to become more affordable. In the meantime, I think (actually hope) that all those shiny, swanky oil and petrol burners are lemons. And this really (again, more hope than anything else) is the last hurrah of those oil burning shiny cars.

When is Mahindra Reva launching a better electric car...I am waiting!

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