Friday, June 03, 2011

Peaceful nation

Heard about the peaceful nation in our neighbourhood? Yes, yes, the country of the pure. Very peaceful nation it is, except when it is provoked.

What happens when it is provoked?

Oh, then its largely peaceful politicians make blustery speeches threatening entire humanity with the worst.

Ah, but its politicians are peaceful arent they?

Oh, they are largely peaceful, except when their army gets provoked - at which point the army kills a few of those peaceful politicians.

Ah, the army right? Must be a disciplined sort of army right?

Yes, yes, very disciplined army they are - except that there a few rogues in their army who often get out and start wars.

Ah, peaceful wars right? Yes, yes, very peaceful wars. So peaceful that they dont think that the other side will attack at all. Or defend for that matter. Their wars are meant to be one-sided wars where they expect to walk in with guns and the like and walk out with land. But sometimes the other side grinds them to dust and they become very angry.

Sometimes eh?

No, all the times actually.

So, is the army perpetually angry?

Well, you can say that. And then again, not all of the army. Just a fraction of it who are radical.

Ah, so then they must be very easy to subdue and control right? I mean, if the majority is peaceful and the small tiny minority is rabid, it is easy right?

Not when they are controlled by their largely peaceful intelligence agency.

Oh, so they have a peaceful intelligence agency as well eh?

Yes, very peaceful intelligence agency - except that it too has its share of rogues who influences the rogue part of the army.

Is that all they do?

No, they also sometimes, engage with largely peaceful charitable organizations who have their rogues - you know the kinds who dont follow the code of the charitable organizations. They engage with these rogues who often take the law into their own hands and encourage them to kill a few while they are at charity.

Oh, so there are these charity organization that terrorise and kill people?

No, not all of them. Just the rogues.

So where are the silent majority?

Oh there are the ones who garland those rogues, sometimes. Otherwise they are very peaceful too.

Very interesting. I hear that their army has nuclear bombs too?

Yes, just about a hundred of them.

But does a peace seeking army need nukes?

Sure, why not?

But just putting two and two together, if those fraction of rogues in the army meet a fraction of rogues who inturn meet a fraction of the rogues of the charitable organizations who manage a recruit a rogue into their airforce and get their hands on a rogue plane and a rogue nuclear device?

It still remains a peaceful nuke?

Hows that?

It will be dropped on some peaceloving part of the world...

And then?

Dont ask...

(Tried to put something together, not sure if it came out the way I intended it to...)

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