Tuesday, June 07, 2011

They want you to be addicted

Lovely report this from the Green Auto Blog. The report quotes a Saudi prince who is worried about increasing fuel efficiency standards and increasing oil prices.

As oil prices increase, other technologies become more and more affordable. Not necessarily in a direct way, but as oil prices go up, it becomes more worthwhile to invest in newer technologies and figure out an alternative means of fuel. Dependency on oil is bad for all us in more ways than one - except for the producers since they can hold the world ransom to their oil. The sooner we get rid of this dependency, the sooner we can work towards a more peaceful world.

No prizes for guessing why the Saudis (and obviously the other producers) want you to be addicted to their oil. That way the money keeps rolling into their coffers and we, the stupid lemmings, invest in our own suicide. They dont want you to be free - they want your dependency. Quite a situation for us humans who claim to be free eh?

And which is why, we must all be happy that oil prices continue to keep going up.

But while we wait for alternative technologies, what can we do? Perhaps try to reduce usage of plastics, oil and try to get to a more sustainable way of living - including use bicycles for transportation or public transport.

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