Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Manmohan Singham

Link via Ramesh Srivats

Superb video Singham spoofed with the man thinks he is charge, but she who is in charge shall go unnamed. Watch it, if you havent already.

While it is obviously satire, it is a sad state that we live in today - governance deficit, leadership deficit and all that. But dont let that spoil your day. Do watch it...

The situation today is precisely like the well known scene of  "The Emperors new clothes". We all know how the emperor is clothed, but the media is not telling us - so we have to depend on little children, alternative media to tell us as it is...Chalo, koi to hai

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Tintu said...

Good movie.I like action n acting of Praksh Raj ji.he is very very good actor.Ajay u rocks.