Wednesday, July 20, 2011

MICE - proposal for a new ministry

A new ministry will be formed shortly when the future prime minister of India takes office. This ministry will have the largest manpower under it. Obviously, since this ministry will presumably do most of the work in the new future cabinet of the future prime minister.

The future prime minister of India will have no time for thinking or thinking through. Therefore, this ministry will take care of everything thats left behind in the trail of verbal destruction that could potentially accompany the FPM. As soon as any impromptu press conference or off the cuff remark is found, it will be traced, erased and rebuilt to the correct specifications of the day. This ministy, apart from impromptu press conferences (which will be rarer than white crows) and remarks will also work on soundbytes taken from here and there. It will also, if necessary, edit historical material which has been references in such quotes.

The motto of the ministry will be to "prevent distortions just because FPM said something."

Thus the ministry's large staff will be dedicated to telling us, the unwashed masses, something on the lines of "what FPM said was this, what he was meant was this, but he used the wrong words for saying so "

For every such conferene, expect newer books to be published around the lines of the new meaning of words and the new twist in the and some such. For now, the private sector is doing the job.

You obviously guessed what MICE is, did you not? Ministry of Instant Correction and Edits.

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