Friday, July 15, 2011

On spiriting the spirit

I really do salute your spirit - and no I am not referring to the Mumbaikars spirit. I am referring to the terrorists spirit and resilience. If we are glorifying the city which has been attacked multiple times we really must glorify the spirit of those terrorists also no?

Those who despite being threat of being killed in encounters (add fake if you like), despite the governments eyes and ears on them watching their every move still continue to plot hate and slaughter innocents -surely they have spirit too? Awesome spirit no?

Sarcastic? In bad taste? Offended? Thats exactly how I feel when all these stupid people write about Mumbais spirit and use it as a cover for poor policing, poor intelligence and general incompetence year on year for each year since 1993.

All of you idiots who wrote about Mumbais undying spirit, remember that it is not spirit - it is helplessness (as I have argued more than once before). People helping fellow people happens in all types of tragedies - check tsunami, earthquake or any other. Let us not glorify the spirit of the people behind it at the cost of their lives. Spirit my foot. When I am dead, what use is my f*king spirit? I would rather have a spirited fight with those terrorists - their trainers, their funders, those who harbour them and those who feed them - and win. Thats spirit. Losing and losing my and my loved ones lives aint no spirit for me. Sorry folks. You can shove those candles into you know where and light them up for good measure.

Frankly the Mumbai spirit is no losing spirit. It is the spirit that gives back in good measure what it gets. If the Mumbaikar gets slaughtered, you can be sure that he will get his revenge in the end. True Mumbaikars are no losers - those who talk about the cities spirit please remember - it is a winning spirit. The same sportsmanlike spirit we see in Tendulkar, but behind that sportsman spirit is the winning spirit. The Mumbaikar spirit is a winning spirit. Tell me about the Mumbaikar spirit when we bust those bastard terror modules in Mumbai and wanting to attack Mumbai. 

Please get the encounter specialists back. In my books, they kill far less innocents (if at all they do) than these blasts and terrorists.

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