Thursday, August 18, 2011

Business ideas for Bangalore Traffic

Going by the past trends, this is becoming an almost exclusive blog on Bangalore traffic. That being said, I promise that this is not the case and that I am working on other posts too (promise).

The last couple of weeks have seen an almost exponential increase in Bangalore traffic and a subsequent exponential difficulty in reaching home after work. There are areas where a kilometer takes a good hour on a bad day - the same roads which a few years back there were people out watching aeroplanes take off. Or roads that were used for drag racing at nights are choc-a-bloc with traffic.

But despair not, there are many ideas in this traffic that are waiting to be implemented. First to my mind are the fast food restaurants. They could very well get volunteers to stand where the jam begins, take orders from cars and deliver them towards the middle of the jam so that people can have their dinner/lunch/breakfast and proceed onwards. And I mean, the good stuff like McDonalds and Pizza Hut and so on.

A concept of traffic valets can be implemented. Shops can offer valet drivers who will sit in your vehicle and drive it along slowly while you shop to your hearts content. There is no hassle of parking at all - the valet drives your car for the one odd kilometer for the 30 minutes that it will take you to shop using the same concept as the fast food idea above. If not shops, perhaps traffic valets can also be used like river pilots -they help you navigate through bad traffic and give you your car back when the signal is cleared. Indeed, if there are car travelators at signals cars will self drive through traffic and give control back to the driver at the end of the jam!

I know they are all stupid ideas, but today was an especially bad day - or someone put it on twitter - it was traffucked! But I am sure there are more such ideas out there...

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Sreedhar Reddy said...

This is good idea, if anybody can make it standard and respectable staff then things will start working.

Not a bad idea.
Sreedhar Reddy