Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Outsourcing the fight for azadi

Once upon a time not too long ago, there was a freedom struggle between the colonized Indian natives and the ruling British. In the end the good guys won and the bad guys lost. But it was not that simple. The story saw innumerable twists and turns – the British often fired on the freedom fighters, killed quite a few common citizens and frequently arrested or caned the leaders as well. The more unfortunate leaders were sent to Andamans to a prison colloquially known as Kaala Paani. We have read about it in our history books – and then, if we were so inclined, in the many books that are available on the subject. Freedom struggle was not an easy thing to be a part of. After all you could not own fancy clothes nor buy British - among other things – if you really believed in it.

Those were the days. These days freedom fighting is an industry. And some part of it is outsourced to India - to fight India. It helps that we have elected a government that is suspiciously soft on seditious tendencies. Over the past 64 odd years (which is almost since a day after Independence), Pakistan nurses the fond hope that its unfinished task will be completed. Kashmir will return to Pakistan. And in this arduous task, they have enlisted useful idiots from the Indian society, who like most useful idiots are available for a price and they think they are fighting for a cause.

For some of these things, we have to hand it over to the ISI. While India has no covert operations active in Pakistan at all, except for some fake dossier printers – its spy agency has got its finger in every imaginable pie in India. It hosts Indian gangsters, prints fake Indian notes and even bankrolls Indian “intellectuals” for foreign trips. Clearly, it is more active in India than many other Indian agencies. While the world has outsourced work to India, the ISI has outsourced its useful idiots to India. Atleast one of the I's in ISI probably refers to India. But I digress.

These so called intellectuals who, for the price of a business class ticket and free stay at star hotels in US and Europe, fight freedom – against their own government. By doing so, they play right into the hands of the spy agency by giving legitimacy to the fake conferences that the spy agency has funded.

Unlike the earlier leaders who faced bullets, these useful idiots go and give seditious speeches in air conditioned halls while sipping champagne – all funded – by, hold your breath, the neighbours spy agency. Now, that would make you wonder if the government would arrest them like the British or send them to Kaala Pani or lathi charge them. But no, the government, actually appoints some of them as “interlocutors” and gives them an official voice. If that is not a successful Trojan horse strategy, I don’t know what is.

The list of useful idiots includes former editors of once respected newspapers, eminent personalities in the bureaucracy and people who have fairly high level of leverage with the current government. Luckily, for us, the US indicted a couple of such worthies on charges of receiving funding from ISI, and some of our intellectuals are now gasping for breath in the maelstrom.

Not that they are giving up without fighting. After all, what is at stake is free foreign trips, a bit of shopping and good accommodation. Aren't these causes worth fighting for?

(Was published in The Pioneer as an Op Ed yesterday)

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