Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Came across this rather curious piece in the Economic Times. Modi-fiction seems to be the rage. A rather perfectly written opinion piece in the style and standard that is the staple these days - should make the Congress warm in the cockles of their heart. Savour this sentence. “of security for the minorities as patronage conditional on good behaviour rather than the fundamental political right the Constitution promises”.

I suspect this is true for everybody or does it mean that we offer security to gangsters and rowdy elements and terrorists just because they are minority? Or rich? Or whatever. AFAI remember – bad behavior will invite punishment – simple – regardless of my name - the law is supposedly equal to all.

Think about this:

1: Nobody denies that under NaMo Guj is making progress. 
2: And that the progress is being delivered without resorting to caste division or quotas.
3: If the situation is so bad as claimed – that minorities live in fear - why is there not a migration out of Gujarat? Do note that something that is rarely spoken about in the TVs in the drawing rooms of secular India -  In Kashmir, the situation was/is bad for Pandits – there was an exodus from Kashmir in the 90s to the extent that the Pandit population went down from 15% then to 0.1% now.  And for all these years, they have not been able to return to their homes - because of fear. So, do see what fear does.

All 3 of the above cannot true can it? Or is Modi doing something (or many things) right that is the antithesis of what our Central government is doing?

Given all these, don’t you think that something is burning somewhere?Or as part of Modi-fiction, this is their poetic licence?

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