Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Vayu Vajra

Lovely article this one in Moneylife - analyzing the need for an airport shuttle service in Mumbai.
The Bangalore airport is a good one – in general. Except for the part that is located a good 30-70 kms from various parts of Bangalore city – depending on where you start from. The airport is spacious, taxis are available, good food options, lots of counters – no fleecing and all that – which you pretty much expect – given that is a spanking new airport. But the BMTC has gone ahead and provided a great shuttle service – almost round the clock – from airport to various parts of the city. The shuttle service has put out of business many smaller cab based similar services. And except for the corporate types who book a cab or for those whom public transport is only a traffic obstruction for their cars – many people use it  - and I have seen it run full at some really odd hours.

The bus service has a superb dedicated parking bay – neatly demarcated and the conductors and drivers are really helpful – so the newbie in Bangalore has to just take the bus and by and large you get a drop that is very close to the last mile of your destination.

But when you go to a Mumbai you realize how this is sorely lacking – especially if you live relatively far from the airport – the only way to get there is a taxi or by rickshaws The bus is not even a real option there. So yes, this is one more point where Bangalore really scores over Mumbai.

And at the rate at which BMTC is offering services – there are many lessons in it for BEST to learn. In its handling of the working IT class crowd, the running of Volvo buses and their ability to convert a part of the population from own vehicles to buses, and to some extent their use of technology!


Gayathri said...

i have always been telling people how volvo buses make the city so much better than other metros. and after being in bangalore enjoying the volvo services it is appalling to see how hyderabad rely on share-autos with bus services almost non-existent in certain buzzing areas. Mumbai, i simply hated. the mad rush to get in and out of buses and trains was just beyond me. Haven't been to chennai for long, but one most weird thing happens in Chennai buses. the conductor guy always sits in a seat in one end of the bus and people have to pass the money through numerous co-passengers to buy a ticket, because the bus will be too crowded for anyone to make it to the conductor. Long live BMTC!

ecophilo said...

Yup - and generally the crowd is also a nice, excuse me crowd than a jostling pushing crowd