Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dollar earning Socialists

There is a popular saying in Hindi which goes on the lines of "Sau choohe khaakar billi Haj ko chali" which basically implies that after sinning a hundred times, people go on a pilgrimage - but loosely translated means that sinners suddenly take to god and then we are supposed to believe that is all is well.

Talking and writing socialism while pocketing capitalist dollars is a great way to make a living these days. Many a writer (alright, stringer) from India makes a living this way. The puncture Misras of the world, so many Senguptas and of course, the best known writer of small terrible prose Roys are among the poster children of those who make a living this way. They make their living raking in heady dollars of the greenest and capitalist kind, while lecturing the readers of their magazine articles (ironically, capitalists themselves - since socialists cannot afford those mags) on the virtues of socialism.

If they lived in North Korea and drove an imported East German Trabant I could believe them, but no these guys live a great life sipping the best capitalist champagne, while living on 24 hour electricity (capitalist) and using the most capitalist iPads and Mac Airs with bank accounts in the most capitalist of banks. And then they have the temerity to lecture us on the virtues of socialism.

Please, madames and gentlemen, keep this "benefits of socialism" lectures to yourselves. We dont need no education. And oh, please stop using those twitter accounts to write to us about the virtues of socialism. Twitter and Internet are decidedly capitalist tools - as well.

Let me know when you migrate to North Korea and live there for a few years before you lecture me on socialism...and yes, since I am capitalist, those dollars can be passed on to me!

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