Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Internet Hindu Bogeyman

Nowadays, one of the prime past times on Twitter is to denounce the so called Internet Hindu -an oxymoron as it were. In the absence of anything else, so called intellectuals (anonymous and otherwise) construct straw-men out of bogeymen and demolish them with a finesse that has to be seen to be believed.

If the Internet Hindus (term coined by secular journo) are a lunatic and fringe group, why bother engaging with them - like they do with most other fringe groups (actually are there any other fringe groups in their lingo)? And there in lies the answer. The whole problem with intellectuals is that these articulate set of writers, tweeters and bloggers are turning the debate on its head. In the good old days of socialism nobody had access to any media except the "intellectuals". The "intellectuals" wrote all the "right" things, people read them and slept, while, deep beneath, the Congress went hammer and tongs after secularism in its true sense. And replaced it with a malicious form of divide and rule - and called it secularism. And our so called "intellectuals" want us to believe the charade that goes on in the name of secularism.

Contrary to beliefs in intellectually popular circles, the whole idea of pluralism is inherent in Hindu society. You will find that inter caste and language marriages are common in Hindu society. And if you go back further in history, even kings have come from different castes. And India, unlike any other country has always welcomed different religions into its fold quite seamlessly. And the whole basis is not tolerance, but something far better - mutual respect. Sure, there have been exceptions, but they have been exceptions, not the rule. Hindus are a pluralistic society - and there is no debate on that front.

What the "Internet Hindus" do is take apart the carefully constructed facade of the Congress on secularism. The Congress brand of secularism is an oxymoron - it is all about divide and rule. By pandering to the worst of all radicals, the Congress wants the majority to believe that is the torchbearer of secularism. When was the last time the Congress spoke about any fundamentalism other than Hindu? Even at the recent UN speech, the Prime Minster made a passing mention of terrorism which would have passed off as bad punctuation. These chaps are influencers - and thanks to the internet are using it to ask questions - tough questions which our junket enjoying, politician lobbying media will not mention, much less ask. And, ask yourself what makes these people - unaffiliated with any media - do it? What is in it for them? And ask any of these chaps - they will argue for more reform, not less. They will argue about lesser government interference, not more. And they will ask for minimum government, maximum governance.

So, is there an alternative? There is. And this is what the "intellectuals" do not want us to see - which has been proved in Gujarat to a large extent. The alternative is a development led model. A model that does not distinguish between religions and their stupidities. A model that gives electricity to you regardless of whether you live in a minority dominated area (an oxymoron as it were) or otherwise. A model that provides you access to good schools and clean water regardless of whether you wear a hat upside down or shave your head. A model that works on providing equality of opportunity, not outcome. Needless to say, the champion of this alternative model is Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

And that model exists - as proved in Gujarat. But of course, I forget that for these "intellectuals", time stopped in Gujarat, somewhere in 2002.

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