Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Aa Bail...

Will the big politicians currently in lock up get bail? They ask us - with pictures that paint colours of misery and words that would make you think that they were arrested for no fault of theirs except that they somehow, unknowingly ended swindling the exchequers by a few hundred crores wilfully. Will they get bail, the media asks us?

The banks will get bailed out, because they have far too much money. As I read recently, some of the banks are "too big to fail." Whether that bail out will save my deposit is a different point altogether. If you are a smaller bank, tough luck, sc*** you. If there are no banks, who will give the sops to all the sectors that the politicians want them to be given?

Blue collar industries will get bailed out, because they provide jobs. And if they go belly up, the funding to the politicians will stop. And if there is no industry, where will they give quotas to?

Airline industry jobs got saved because some politician went and threatened them which resulted in a conscience attack. They even got a credit deferral for fuel.

Agriculture will get bailed out, even for rich, super rich farmers.

Politicians, criminals will all get bail.

I have not seen anybody root for the IT industry. Deve Gowda? Farmers have champions, will P Sainath bat for the IT industry when the IT industry commits suicide?

In the midst of all this bail out bail out brouhaha, I am left wondering, will anybody bail people like me - the common man out?

Nobody bailed us out when oil touched 120$ and then some - even as petrol costs go through the roof.

Nobody bailed us out when vegetable and food prices shot through the roof.

Nobody offered us a loan, soft or otherwise...

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