Sunday, November 06, 2011

The Legend of Shikandi

The only form of leadership that man has recognized and appreciated is the leadership of fighting from the front and leading from the front. Leading from the back or backseat driving has never had too much appeal throughout history. The legend of Shikandi is a case in point. According to this legend, Arjuna hid behind Shikandi to kill Bheeshma. In order to defeat the Kaurvas, defeating Bheeshma was essential and he being invincible - the only way to do it was deceit. Shikandi came in handy - he was the face while all the action happened behind.

It is no wonder then that there is no legend of Shikandi - being a "Shikandi" is generally seen as distasteful, cowardly and then some (garnish with your choice of adjectives).

For the very same reason, the people whose leadership we appreciate - Churchill, Gandhi, Mandela - for example, are all people who have led from the front. These are real leaders - leader who have never shied away from leading and making a public appearance and not leading from their hideouts.

In todays day and age, we have our own share of Shikandi and legends. While what they gain out of being in such a of Shikandi is not known - the original Shikandi had personal vendetta. Thus, atleast in the original Shikandis case, it was evident why he wanted to be what he was.

Well, today we firmly believe that Shikandi was a great leader...and who knows, in a future day and age, we may very well anoint him with more decorations...

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