Monday, November 07, 2011

On Honesty

Here is a question I ask of people. If you led a team (either as part of your own enterprise or as part of your job), would you let you someone who reports to you steal? Cheat? Swindle your customers? Con your

The answer I have always got is a clear no. The logic is that they are honest and they expect people who work with them to be equally honest. The honest people that they are, they cannot stand dishonest people who want to take a a cut out of every thing that their firm does.

And then I gently veer the conversation to our current leadership in the government and I ask. So, tell me, what sort of an honest leader would allow their "reportees" to loot hundreds and thousands of crores under known and unknown scams? Not only are they let go scotfree, they are often resurrected in fancy posts.

Clearly, if you are an honest person, you would not allow the dishonest to thrive under you - as your own personal example shows. Therefore, there is only one option left - that the leaders are dishonest?

Wait, there is another option, they say. "Perhaps they were not aware."

Maybe there is a possibility that leaders are not aware of what goes on under them. But then I ask, "Would you be aware of any such things in your organization? And if you gave the same excuse, would your organization buy it?" No way - I would be fired, they say. That seems to answer that question.

And second, if someone brought it to your notice what would you do? I would fire them they say and ensure that they are given a bad report so that no other organization would hire them. Exactly I say, unlike what
is happening today where the corrupt are resurrected in free for all posts.

Think about your own example, the next time you think about honesty in public posts...

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