Sunday, December 11, 2011

The app world

It is a long and old debate on why there is no Google or Facebook originating out of India. The debate has never really been settled and I have usually lingered on the side of the fact that it is no big deal. And that the IT, ITES itself is an industry.

But look at the world of mobile apps. And ask that question to yourself. Why dont we see creative, breakthrough ideas originating from India? What we get to see is usually Hanuman Chalisa and apps for the normal media (like newspapers, TV channels) or B2C stuff (like ICICI on mobile). Sure, there are a few on bus schedules and a few on railways schedules as well, but none that stand out.

I asked the same question to @vishalgondal (CEO of Indiagames) on twitter and he named a few - including Prison Mayhem (produced by 99games online), Bruce Lee, Genesis (by indiagames), Quarrel (UTV Ignition) and others. I have tried a couple of them and some of them were nice - but nothing out of the ordinary.

When I say out of the ordinary, let me qualify. I mean, look at the 2011 best apps (one of the zillions lists available on the net) or the best games of 2011 on the App Store and there is nothing that stands out of India.

Again, you might ask why is this a big deal or why should this be a big deal. I think that there is much more creativity waiting to be unleashed there than the current sets of apps coming out of India. Why? Because there is so much that India has - that can be derived out of its rich culture and heritage and there is much potential for some of them to be turned into apps! Are the game developers listening?

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