Saturday, December 31, 2011

The emperors new clothes

Got the idea of the title via a @doubtinggaurav tweet. Could be a meandering post, so, be warned!

The year 2011 in politics will go down in history as a great year of David versus Goliaths. The first David (with an organization propping him up) of course was Anna Hazare who took on the might of the Congress and the first family. And the second David of course is Subramaniam Swamy who has taken on the might of the Congress and various ministers single handedly and has proved that the Indian Legal System can be worked through. More power to both of them, though I dont necessarily agree that a Lokpal will solve the incessant corruption in the country. A government that can appoint puppets can appoint a puppet anywhere and destabilise any institution. Thank you Anna Hazare and Subramaniam Swamy for fighting. In the year of "ooth" and so called "oothful leaders oozing charm" not living up to the mark, thank you septuagenarians for fighting. And thank you Rahul Dravid too (as @saliltripathi pointed out).

2011 will also go down as a year in which the spectre of corruption has seen to be visibly corroding the country from inside and outside. We are probably being ruled by the "most corrupt government ever" and perhaps even by the most "incompetent leaders ever". Given this background, I have my own doubts that much of the bull run in the recent past in the market was fuelled by all this dirty money. So, while the small investor is now nursing his injuries the ultra rich enjoy their stay in tax havens.The middle class is well and truly screwed. Well, thank you for the LPG subsidy atleast. In any case you exist only to pay taxes.

The current ruckus around the Food Security Bill points in the same direction as NREGA to fuel our future towards a subsidy fuelled population that believes in being entitled. My recent visits to Kerala, TN and some interior parts of Karnataka only supplements this. In both places, labour for agriculture is not available since people to work in the REGA and take home free food grains. In Kerala, migrant labour is coming in from other states. Soon, even Maharashtra will need "UPites/Biharis". The only question is how long will "UPites/Biharis" need to find work given that soon food and work will come in free in any case.Thank you for democraticising corruption through nicely named schemes. Atleast somebody is making money. And some farmers in some other countries will soon make money in the name of FSB.

But the sad part of last year has been the blatant one sided reporting from the media. Look around yourself, on your television screens, print media and you will find very few reports castigating the government for its conduct. On the one hand, the media went hammer and tongs against BJP CMs but remains quiet against Congress CMs and ministers. And we are at this unique point in history when the opposition is blamed for all the crap that the government is spreading. Amazing no. I thought the whole point of life was to take responsibility, but it looks like spreading conspiracy theories and ascribing blame to someone else is what our so called leaders taught us over the past couple of years. Oh, well, thank you for the description of those non-existent robes of integrity and whatever else, media.

The more I see it the more the country is headed in the direction of the North Koreas. As an old joke used to go about USSR. "The newspaper is full of truths, half truths and lies.The sports news are the truth. The weather forecasts are half truths and the rest all are lies." Thank Evan Williams for Twitter. And thank you, Sibble for not blocking it. Yet.

A reading of the novel Animal Farm is highly recommended. Sort of the reflects the state of India at this point.  So, is it all gloom, boom and doom? Hopefully not. I hope that our democracy (whatever that means) wakes up and elects the right leader and government and stops this rollercoaster ride to disaster. Till then, we have the time to do what it takes to ensure that it happens. How? Tweet more and create more awareness to begin with! Thank you, all those on my timeline to keep me sane...

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