Monday, April 16, 2012

After 2G, no lessons learnt

When the 2G scam broke, only the Pioneer reported it. Most media houses were silent about the existence of such a scam. I remember putting a link to the Pioneer story somewhere in 2008. Finally media began to report it only when there was no choice but to report it.

Now the defence scam has broken. Pioneer and Gopi report that the person in the thick of it, Rajiv Rishi has a lions share in the governments expo hub. Do read this article. When it becomes part of MSM you can see for yourself. The Tatra scam has been covered since 2009 though, in DNA if I am not mistaken - but this connection is a new one ferreted out by Pioneer.

"According to statements submitted to SEBI by Rishi’s Global Vectra Helicorp, the India Exposition Mart Limited, where Rishi’s Vectra Investments has a 20-per cent share, is the biggest share holder in India Expo Centre & Mart. The Government, through Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH) under Textile Ministry,   subscribed to 9.02 per cent share in this Rishi-controlled project, which operates across the world, dealing with handicrafts sale, export and import." [link]

Now you will see that this a nice cozy ecosystem - when you read the article and see some of the names and positions (or ex-positions) of the people. Surely, the chap knows a lot of people with passwords to the high and mighty or else to swing a deal like this wont be easy.

In both 2G and Defence scams, there are these two so called honest gatekeepers who stand guard while the looting happens in the background. (see here) This seems to be a pattern. A scammer, a honest guard and a scapegoat for every scam. The scammer takes the money and is never found out, the scapegoat goes to jail and is promised a great life when he comes out of gaol, the guard faces the media and tells them, "but I am honest"!

Also think for a moment when you think exports, handicrafts, Moradabad what or who comes to your mind? Now let us see how many of our fearless media channels run with this story.

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