Saturday, April 14, 2012

Inside job

Recently, due to a set of unavoidable circumstances, I found myself watching Agent Vinod and sitting through it as well. The movie was not a comedy, but we were laughing throughout at the absurdities being thrown at us. Well, Agent Vinod does assume that the audience is an extremely dumb and stupid one, very mildly put.

The second movie, that I watched (and because I wanted to wanted to watch) is Kahaani. Agent Vidya is leagues ahead of Agent Vinod. She is a treat to watch, she is.

But in both these movies there is a small issue that I think is a very dangerous trend. Bollywood as a whole is a cowardly industry, rarely making hard hitting movies on powerful themes. I remember that they took a pledge that they would not make a movie on Indias most dastardly terrorist act, though of late there's news that a movie is being made on it. If at all there is any hardhitting movie they are made by independent producers and almost all of them toe to the left border of the page.

But coming back, the trouble with both the movies mentioned above is that it portrays terrorism as an inside job. In the latter movie, it focuses on one agent and one incident which is stated to be an inside job with help from the Indian establishment. The former, however, surpasses all absurdity. It passes on the crap that the entire military-jihadi complex and jihad funded and sponsored by the easterly neighbour is an inside job of an "Indian" businessman with quite an obvious name. This, in my mind, is a dangerous trend. As dangerous as politicians ascribing terrorist attacks to RSS to cover their aRSeS.

The terrorism problem in India has a long history for those to care to see beyond their nose. Starting from 1947, when the first "non-war" between India and Pakistans irregulars was fought. The eastery neighbour has openly promoted a "holy war" on India through various guises. It varies from support for Indian fugitives turned businessmen, support for terror fronts, gun running, training camps, funding activists through shopping trips and business class trips, currency printing and of course serving as a launch pad for terrorists and bombers among other things. And we have lost many a soldiers life and many an innocent civilians life to terrorism.

To portray that terrorism is an inside job is to negate all the sacrifices made by our soldiers and innocent civilians and gives a clean chit to violent ideologies. The result is about as genuine as a Roys articles. And the trouble with mainstreaming such views is that "worthies" will tag this as "genuine" and certain sections of our press will give them space to express such views. Exhibit A.

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