Sunday, June 03, 2012

Mobile phones are the new transistor radios

When I was growing up, transistor radios were a big rage. The huge radios had just given way to the smaller, portable ones. And that meant that, getting cricket scores was now easy. The small radio did the trick. Barbers had one, vegetable vendors had one, every little shop had a small radio that played songs. Students had one too - the luckier ones atleast. Over time perhaps it became a nuisance and on BEST buses, there was this quaint notice that said "Use of Radios and Transistors prohibited". But the use of little radios never stopped, especially during cricket matches, not until mobile phones arrived actually.

But its been a short lived respite. Now, all around you, one can see people leaving the cellphone turned on with songs (mostly) and leaving it in their pockets as they go about doing their day to day work. And it is not the radio it is songs of all shapes and sizes with decibels being the only common factor.

And it is a nuisance, just as the transistors were in the olden days! The more technologies change, the more behaviour remains the same...

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