Wednesday, June 13, 2012

To review or not

I recently picked up a book from my library. The title aroused my suspicion. As it is life isn't too short for reading books one doesnt like, I decided to spend a couple of hours skimming through this book.

The book in question is supposedly fiction, but you wont be able to distinguish it from newspaper or media reports on many issues and touches upon one of the reasonably burning issues of the day. No it is not about the country which is burning anyway. But this topic is a hot favourite.

The book is a great read, for those who have a perfectly convoluted view of the world and it is sad that these Antartic types find a book like this worth publishing. But the book hits all the sweet spots on writing for a story like this.

  • India is no country for a particular religion
  • Progressive educated type fellow of that religion is insulted
  • Falls in love with someone from another community (no prizes for guessing)
  • Gives her an earful of how "they" hate "him" (no mention of the other side, but well...)
  • Ailing progressive father and subdued family 
  • More "insults"
  • Meets handler who operates an NGO, but no ethical dilemma here
  • Takes to terrorism since there is no other recourse
  • Meets other like minded people
  • Goes off to neighbouring country and returns to fight in Kashmir
  • Lots of noises about Indian atrocities in Kashmir (yes, yes, those ones which are not about the ones who were driven out) and some baddies in the Indian army
  • Mentions a specific riot, a disputed religious site and a famous politician barely veiled
  • Rants and raves about all the injustice in the world, well not all, but some specific injustice
  • In the end realizes that he was a pawn in someone elses game
  • Gets killed in the end, honorably etc.
No surprises here - I kind of knew what I was getting into, but no, I wont name the book nor the author not anything else and give them any oxygen of publicity - even on this blog that has few visitors.

A new kind of victimhood has appeared and it will keep appearing in places like this since our liberal friends think this is the kind of tripe people want to read.

And I suppose the only thing to do about such things is publish better stuff yourself...and ignore stuff like this. Thank god for libraries or we would be wasting money on stuff like this.

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