Thursday, July 12, 2012


At Bangalore airport, I have spotted the sign, Illy - which is the name of a restaurant there. I always thought it was a smart idea. Illy, in Kannada, means, here and in my mind, it sounded like the perfect name for an airport restaurant in Bangalore that sounds cool, contemporary and also has a superb meaning in Kannada.

I was in awe of the creative mind which would have come up with a name that is so simple, yet so memorable and so evocative!

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that Illy had nothing to do with Kannada or Bangalore at all. In Nepal, I found the same brand in a hotel and I was shocked to discover that Illy is an, hold your breath, Italian brand.

Whatever it is, it is also cool that an Italian brand name can have a meaning in Kannada...

Illy indeed!

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Kitchie said...

Ili means rat in Kannada. Illi means 'here' :) I wonder how ILLY is pronounced in Italy!