Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Safa EV

As one walks along the roads of Kathmandu, every now then you will see a whitish autorickshaw that carries a good 6-8 passengers. This seems to be the lifeline of Kathmandu public transport - it stops anywhere and everywhere to pick up and drop people. When they stop, the vehicles behind have to do the same as well and they do that without complaining. The first thought that came to my mind was the dirty, venom spewing, black and yellow "6 seaters" of Pune.

And thats when you realize that these things are different. When they go past you, there is no thud of the engine, but a smooth whine - that sounds so much like an electric motor. It actually sounds like the EMU's in Mumbai - the smooth whine of the electric motors as they accelerate. I focussed on this a a few times and finally managed to read whats written on the side of these cuties - Safa EV. These people movers are electric.

So I managed to do a little bit more reading about them and here is something I found. Kathmandu has perhaps the highest number of EV's than any other urban center in the world. And they are in operation since nearly 1994.

The naysayers of EV's would do well to read this. The terrain is hilly - ups and down. It carries many passengers. It is operated, not by geeks and scientists, but normal ordinary people. And it does a fantastic job of moving people. Way to go Kathmandu!

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